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Education and Professional Development

The Welsh Ambulance Service is committed to ensuring colleagues have the very best education and development opportunities.

We are also committed to supporting individuals at various stages of their career, including those at the start of their career, those who have had a career break, those planning a return to work and those who may not have traditionally considered a career in the ambulance service.

Through a combination of structured training programmes, mentorship and on-the-job experiences, we empower our people to expand their capabilities and knowledge. 

With three regional educational and development centres pan-Wales and several satellite sites, our dedicated in-house team of professionals deliver a variety of educational programmes and training courses.

From induction courses for those entering a new role to refresher and update days, we ensure colleagues meet statutory and mandatory requirements and are on a continuous journey of professional development.

As a recognised centre for FutureQuals, Agored Cymru, ILM and IOSH, the Trust runs a variety of educational programmes, both regulated and in-house, to ensure staff have the skills they need including:

  • FutureQuals Emergency Medical Technician (1 and 2) (Associate Ambulance Practitioner)
  • FutureQuals Emergency and Non-Emergency Vehicle Driver training
  • FutureQuals ACA2 (Ambulance Care: Urgent Care Service) training
  • FutureQuals ACA1 (Ambulance Care: Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service) training
  • Continuing Professional Development programmes
  • Emergency Medical Technician 3
  • Newly-Qualified Paramedic Consolidation
  • Agored Cymru Digital Skills for Business
  • Agored Cymru Essential Digital Literacy Skills
  • Professional Effectiveness Skills
  • ILM Team Leading, Management and Leadership programmes
  • ILM Mentoring and Coaching programmes
  • IOSH Leading Safely
  • IOSH Managing Safely
  • International Academy of Emergency Dispatch – MPDS

The team also develop and deliver new educational programmes to meet the requirements for continued professional development, Skills for Health Core Skills Training Framework and individual programmes to meet specific staff needs.

The Trust is proud to be a member of the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives and actively engages with the National Education Network of Ambulance Services and the National Driver Training Ambulance Group.

Our commitment to professional development ensures our people are well prepared to deliver high quality services that meet the ever-evolving needs of the organisation, creating a culture of excellence where individuals can make meaningful contributions, advance careers and thrive.

No matter your role within our organisation, you’ll find the chance to enhance your skills and advance your professional journey. 


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