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Treating People Fairly

Our Strategic Equality Plan 2024-2028

Welcome to the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust’s Strategic Equality Plan for 2024-2028. Since the introduction of Strategic Equality Plans in 2016, we have been steadily building on the progress made against our previous objectives. We continue to engage with our service users, staff, and stakeholders to learn about their experiences and how we can make our services more accessible and inclusive. We have used the feedback received during consultation and engagement to inform our new Strategic Equality Plan and have designed our objectives to help us meet people’s individual needs.

You can download a copy of our Strategic Equality Plan for 2024-2028 here.

We will continue to listen and learn so that we keep improving what we are doing and so that we can treat people fairly. At our best, we work closely with staff, service users and stakeholders to understand local communities and their needs as well as those whose voice is not always heard.

This will continue to provide us with evidence across Wales which helps us provide the best possible services and the fairest possible workplace.

We welcome comments on how we are doing and how we could improve. Find out information on how to share your comments with us and have your say. 

We look forward to sharing our progress with you. To do this, we will publish annual reports detailing the progress made against our Strategic Equality Plan. We will also publish data on our gender pay gap and the diversity within our workforce. These reports can be downloaded here:

Our gender pay gap reports are also found on the Government website.

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