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Police Requests

If you are a member of the Police Force and are looking to obtain records, you will need to complete a Data Protection Act Form (DPA).

Under Schedule 2 Part 1 Paragraph 2 of the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR Article 6(1)(d) you are required to provide Welsh Ambulance Services University NHS Trust with the correct documentation for the records to be released.

These forms are unique to each Police Force and you should be able to obtain these from either your Governance Team or via your Intranet.

The Record Services Team is open Monday to Friday 08:30 to 16:30.  We can be contacted on 0300 123 2310 or via email on  We aim, when records are available, to reply within 24 working hours (Mon – Fri). 

In the event that you require an immediate response (i.e. you have a suspect in custody and your time limit is about to be expire or to apprehend a suspect) please ring 0300 123 2310, otherwise your request will be managed in order of receipt.

Outside of the above hours, and only in an emergency, there is an option to deal with one of the Clinical Contact Centres in Wales.  If you dial the number above you will be provided with the option to choose your region and your call will be transferred.

All Data Disclosure requests for information must include:

  • The patient's / individual's written authority to release information to the Police OR
  • A Data Protection Act 2018 request form. 

All Police requests for information must:

  • Be signed by the requestor and countersigned. The countersignature must be at least one rank higher than the requesting officer (Signatures must be accompanied by printed name and collar number i.e. PC Joe Bloggs SW123 or Insp. A N Other WS579).  Signatures need to be in a wet format and not electronic.
  • The time, date and location of the incident, including time call passed to the Ambulance Service of originated from a 999 call direct to the Police.
  • The offence(s) being investigated.
  • What information is required i.e. Patient Clinical Record, 999 Call Recording.
  • The reason the information is required.
  • A return email address –

Please note: We will be unable to process any Police requests for information where the details outlined above are not received with your application.

Where available the following information should also be included:

  • The patient’s name and address.
  • The name of the hospital the patient was conveyed to (where applicable).
  • The WAST incident reference number (where known).
  • The Crime Reference number or Police Authority serial number.

All recordings and documentation will be sent to you via secure email


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