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Caring for you in a clean environment

We have adopted the philosophy required by the Welsh Government in that a zero tolerance approach to Healthcare Associated Infections is embedded in daily work practices.

Infection prevention and control is the responsibility of every member of our staff, especially those treating and facing patients. We are committed and ensure that you are exposed to a clean, safe and modern environment, thus ensuring the highest standards of infection prevention and control at all times.

In addressing the prevention of infections, such as clostridium difficile, MRSA and norovirus, we follow strict policies and procedures.

You can find out about these infections and what you can do to prevent them by clicking on the links below:

To achieve this we are expanding our system of 'Make Ready Depots' throughout Wales.  Our first Make Ready Depot was opened in 2012 and we now have four, two based in the North and two based in the South with more planned over the next few years. These depots run by dedicated staff ensure that our vehicles are cleaned and efficiently stocked following evidence based cleaning standards.

For more information on IPC Policies please contact

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