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Solicitors' Enquiries

A patient can authorise their Solicitor to make a request for the information we hold which is treated as if they were made from the patient themselves – the Solicitors are effectively acting on the patient’s behalf.

When applying for a patient’s medical records the Solicitor should  provide the following:

  • A written form of authority signed by the client.
  • The patient’s name, time and date of the incident, exact location, hospital conveyed to. Please note the Record Services & Archives Team now work remotely.  As a result there might be a delay should you send your request via the Royal Mail.  Please be assured that all requests will be managed to the best of our ability within the normal 30 day calendar response times under the Data Protection Act 2018 & UK GDPR.

All requests should be made via email to or contact the Team on 0300 123 2310.   All records will be sent via secure email. 

If you are unable to send the request via email, please send to

Record Services and Archives Team
Welsh Ambulance Services University NHS Trust
Ty Elwy, Unit 7
Ffordd Richard Davies
St Asaph Business Park
St Asaph 
LL17 0LJ  

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