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Attending a Trust Board Meeting

Guidelines for members of the public observing Board meetings held in public

Our public Board meetings continue to be held virtually in line with social distancing measures to reduce social interaction and the transmission of the Covid-19 virus. This will be regularly reviewed by the Board given its commitment to conducting its business openly and transparently, and as soon as it is safe to do so will start meeting again in person.

We are also exploring the possibility of a “hybrid” option which could allow members to attend an in-person Board meeting virtually, although this is in the early stages of development.

How to attend

Currently, anyone interested in observing the public Board can join via our WAST Facebook page where the meetings are livestreamed. 

The meetings are also available on our YouTube channel to view afterwards.

These meetings allow members of the public to observe the proceedings and Board discussion, but it is important to stress that these are meetings that take place in public and are not public meetings. This means that people who join to observe the meeting will not be able to take part. Our Annual General Meeting and stakeholder engagement events are opportunities for public engagement, and we welcome your views at those events, which are publicised via our website and on social media.

How to submit questions to the Board

In order to manage meetings effectively, we will not be able to take questions from the public during the meeting. However, should you have a question you would like the Board to answer at its next meeting, please send that to 48 hours prior and we will endeavour to answer it during the meeting in a slot reserved for pre-submitted questions.

You can access the meeting schedule and agenda here.

The dates for meetings of the Board for this year (22/23) are as follows:-

24 March 26 May 28 July 29 September 24 November 26 January 30 March