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ECNS Video Consultations Privacy Notice

In certain circumstances it can be difficult to determine what care a patient needs from a verbal description alone. The Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust (WAST) are now using a video consultation software to enable clinicians working within the Emergency Operations Centre to carry out virtual consultations with some patients.

If you call 999 with a non-life-threatening emergency, you may be called back by one of our Clinicians who will undertake a triage to obtain further information and identify the most appropriate clinical response for you. During this triage process you may be asked if you are willing to take part in a video consultation. This is to enable the clinician to gain a better understanding of your symptoms to help determine the level of care – and response – you require.

Where the clinician feels they would benefit from a visual image, they will ask if you would be happy to participate in a video consultation. If you agree, you will be sent a text message allowing you to access the video call on a smart device. By clicking the link, you will actively consent to the video consultation. You can also choose not to have a video consultation, and this will not affect the clinical care that WAST will provide to you.

Video Consultations are streamed and not recorded. This means that no video will be stored or kept within WAST systems.

WAST will not use your consultation video for any purpose other than to provide you with the clinical consultation.

WAST is a responsible data controller, registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, and we comply with the Data Protection legislation. For more information on how we process patient data, please see our Patient Privacy Policy:

You can also email the WAST Data Protection Officer at with any concerns or queries on how we protect your data.