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Restart a Heart

Save a Life: Learn CPR

Every October, to mark Global Heart Restart Day, we will co-ordinate the training of thousands of students across secondary schools in Wales.

If someone goes into cardiac arrest, their chance of survival doubles if it happens in front of a bystander who starts CPR immediately before we arrive.

Save Life Wales

Save Life Wales was set up to encourage people across Wales to learn CPR and to feel confident using a defibrillator if someone has a cardiac arrest at home.

Every year over 6,000 people will have a cardiac arrest in the community in Wales, and the survival rate is less than 5%. Save Life Wales aims to significantly increase this survival rate.

The Touch of Life campaign focuses on teaching people basic CPR and defibrillation skills – due to covid-19 this is currently available as an online training tool.

Take a few minutes to learn or brush up on your CPR skills - they could be some of the most important minutes you can spend.

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Watch the CPR video below.

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