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Without research, many of the treatments and types of care that we routinely receive today in the NHS wouldn’t be available.

Members of the public have an essential role to play, since without people agreeing to take part in research studies these improved treatments and care wouldn’t exist.

There are many different ways people can take part in health and social care research, including:

  • receiving a new treatment
  • answering questionnaires
  • giving researchers permission to look at your medical notes
  • giving a blood or urine sample

Research is a routine part of treatment and care in NHS Wales. You can find out about why it's important, how to get involved, what the benefits are and what is involved for people who take part on the Health and Care Research Wales website.

HealthWise Wales

You can join the HealthWise Wales study if you are aged 16 or over and live in Wales, everyone is invited to join!

Answering simple questions about your health and lifestyle will help to protect your health and that of your friends, family, and of the future generations of Wales.

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